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6th Conference CAS & SAV / FSA
Iñigo de Lacalle and Javier Ferrero attended the International Seminar on Arbitration for Sport, organized by the Court of Arbitration for Sport by the Swiss Bar Association and the Swiss Arbitration Association (...)
Tax implications of payment of the termination clause
The DGT (hereinafter "DGT"), has responded to a query by a Spanish professional sports club in relation to an issue that has caused rivers of ink over recent years: the tax implications of payment of the so famous clause. Many experts and not experts on the subject have spoken about it, being therefore a subject of interest in both the legal and tax professionals Forums matter in the bar of any Spanish bar. The DGT, through its reply, clarifies much of the problem and gives the issue of legal certainty and longed much needed in the world of sport.
World Football Summit
SFA will collaborate with the World Football Summit to be held on October 27th and 28th and in which the sector will be discussed with representatives of companies, investors and institutions related to the football world on the basis of three thematic blocks: economy and football, technology and big data and social development (...)
Women's sport and the value of constancy
Although in some countries it costs to say it, at least, loudly, no one can deny that there has been social advancement of women in all areas, although at the desired equal opportunities between men and women, there are still obstacles obtaining this purpose but is no less true that some light is already seen at the end of the tunnel and perhaps sport, as an activity that integrates all social sectors, can be a good channeler of this reality that has led in recent years in female field an awakening that hopefully not only serve to stretch but a reality that comes to stay.
The importance of sports law at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro
Opinion article published in the Confilegal website, where the needs that arise in sports law and comprehensive advisory services during the celebration of Olympic events are treated (...)

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