Legal, fiscal and employment advice for Sportsmen and women, Artists and Sporting or Artistic Bodies

Senn, Ferrero, Asociados Sports & Entertainment offers personalised advice in legal fiscal and employment matters for Sportsmen and women, Artists and Sporting or Artistic bodies.

Asesoramiento Económico y Patrimonial (Planificación)

Economic and Equity Advice (Planning)

Analysis, monitoring and control of clients’ economic and financial situation, in order to optimise the conditions thereof.

Asesoramiento en Derechos de Imagen

Advisory services in respect of Image Rights

Negotiation and review of image, sponsorship, advertising, merchandising, etc. contracts.

Asesoramiento de grandes eventos deportivos y culturales

Advisory services for major sporting and cultural events

Senn, Ferrero, Asociados offers comprehensive legal and tax services for the organisation and running of all kinds of cultural, sporting etc. events.



Senn, Ferrero, Asociados Sports & Entertainment offers its clients accounting services for their Companies in order to facilitate and centralise all the information and improve control and management of the same the accounting department which comprises an experienced team well equipped to work with this type of Company.

Asesoramiento en inversiones y en materia de seguros

Investment and insurance advice

Senn, Ferrero, Asociados Sports & Entertainment is not a financial advisor. However, through the continuous monitoring of the different financial institutions with which the client works, it ensures via periodic meetings that the investments made comply with the tax structure and investment profile set by each of our clients.

Asesoramiento en temas de familia y planificación formativa

Advice on family matters and essential planning

Senn, Ferrero, Asociados Sports & Entertainment provides advice to its clients on matters relating to private law, in particular avoidance of any problems deriving from marriages, successions, donations etc…

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